Legal Defense Of Professionals

Professional Liability


Lewis & Associates has expertise in litigating malpractice, breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, and RICO violations. Our firm accepts cases through private retention. We understand the significance of a malpractice claim and the impact it has on your professional life. Lewis & Associates strives to build the strongest defense possible in order to bring about a prompt resolution of the claims against you.


Our lawyers aggressively represent professionals while remaining sensitive to the discretion and confidentiality that these matters require. In addition to our professional liability defense work, we also counsel clients on how to avoid such litigation and the pitfalls that confront all professionals in today’s business climate.


Attorney Malpractice Defense:


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We represent, counsel, and defend lawyers in legal malpractice matters in state and federal courts in Virginia and before various bar disciplinary proceedings and/or attorney grievance boards and commissions in Virginia, the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. Our lawyers stay abreast of the most recent ethical and professional liability developments, allowing us to advise practicing lawyers on ethical issues arising during legal representation.


Mortgage Industry Professional Malpractice Defense:


In addition to defending lawyers, the Firm also represents mortgage industry professionals, including brokers and bankers. Due to the current financial crisis associated with the subprime market, lawmakers and federal authorities have stepped up efforts to hold realtors, lenders, loan officers, and financial institutions accountable for mortgage fraud. In many cases, the appraisers, mortgage brokers, or loan officers fail to exercise due diligence when making a loan. People who are not financially qualified for the loan are then either encouraged to report incorrect financial information or are offered a larger mortgage than they can actually afford. Often, though, simple misunderstandings or miscommunications result in falsifications of important information.


At Lewis and Associates, we also represent homebuyers, realtors, loan officers and mortgage brokers facing criminal charges or civil liability for mortgage-fraud related matters. Mr. Lewis works closely with accountants, financial experts, and law enforcement agencies to determine exactly what happened and why.


Medical Malpractice Defense:


We recognize the impact that medical malpractice lawsuits have on your hospital or professional career and treat these cases with the seriousness and attention they deserve. Our firm’s medical professional liability practice provides aggressive representation for health care professionals. The seasoned litigators at Lewis & Associates understand the nuances of medical malpractice litigation and are not afraid to take a case to trial if necessary. We build strong defense strategies for health care professionals by providing utterly thorough medical and legal research. Lewis & Associates will represent physicians, surgeons, dentists, physician assistants, psychologists, and hospitals and their support staff members who may find themselves in need of legal counsel. Understanding the complexities of defending health care professionals and their particular needs are strengths of the lawyers at Lewis & Associates.


Accounting Malpractice Defense:


Our lawyers will represent accountants in disciplinary actions and lawsuits arising out of tax advice, audits, tax return preparation and other areas of the accounting practice. We can provide legal advice on how to mitigate potential liabilities, evaluate risk, defend against liability claims, and advise in transactional matters.


Lewis & Associates is available to represent accountants and accounting firms in:


  • Defending against professional liability/malpractice claims. Lewis & Associates is willing and able to represent accountants in trial, mediation, or arbitration.
  •  Representing accountants in disciplinary and enforcement proceedings brought by the SEC, state licensing authorities, and professional accounting associations.
  •  Dissolving partnerships and working with predecessor and successor auditors on retention requirements and applicable reports.
  • Organizing/Structuring accounting firms.
  • Advising on overall risk assessment, practice management, independence, and ethics. Our lawyers also have experience advising on the implementation of ideas to reduce professional liability exposure.


To discuss your case in a completely confidential setting, contact Lewis & Associates today at (703) 912-3100.