Starting a Business

Virginia Business Attorneys



Interested in Starting a New Business or Opening a Franchise in Virginia, the District of Columbia, or Maryland?


Individuals and groups attempting to start a business will almost certainly encounter a range of legal difficulties surrounding the initial formation of the business, the amassing of capital, compliance with government regulations, and the acquiring and maintaining of facilities. Our attorneys are here to help you navigate past these obstacles toward owning a profitable, sustainable enterprise.


Before starting a business it is a good idea to have a business plan, an undersanding of economics, experience in a related business, and enough funds to cover costs until the business becomes profitable.


Additionally, the legal structure you choose for your business will be extremely important. State law enables you to create a legal entity separate from your own person under which you can transact business while minimizing your exposure to personal liability. Depending on the structure you choose, there will be significantly different regulations with respect to paying taxes and sharing your profits. Accordingly, it is always smart to speak to a lawyer so that you pick the right legal structure and so that you understand the ramifications of your choice.