Will the Biometric ID card solve the problem of Illegal Immigration

    Senators of South Carolina and New York presented a blue print of  immigration-bill to President Barack Obama which included the proposal to issue biometric Identity Card which will contain physical information such as finger prints to all the working Americans. It is being said that this is going to solve the problem of illegal immigration by helping the employers to know who is eligible to work “If you say [illegal immigrants] can’t get a job when they come here, you’ll stop it,” Schumer told the Wall Street Journal.

    In this case, just imagine how many biometric cards would we need to prove that we are eligible and we are not illegal immigrants. We would need more than 150 million cards if everyone is going to get one. Michael Cherry, president of identification-technology company Cherry Biometrics, says the accuracy of such large-scale biometric measuring hasn’t been proved. “What study have we done?” he says. “We just have a few assumptions.”

    Every employer should install a card reading machine to recognize everyone…it is going to be one expensive method and we will have to pay for the such cards which is going to cost more than $100 per person. So when we consider all these things it is turning out to be one costly proposal….but we have to see if it is going to be accepted by the Preside

    Published on 30/03/2010 20:35:19