Virginia Criminal Defense Attorneys Discuss Different Types of Bail Bonds

Your Virginia criminal defense attorneys will seek to have you released on bail if you have been arrested. There are different types of bail bonds applied to your case, including unsecured bonds and cash bonds.

Unsecured Bonds

Your Virginia criminal defense attorneys will explain that being released on an unsecured bond means that you will either be released on your own recognizance or released without a cash deposit or collateral. If you have been released on a bond of this nature, you must appear at future court dates and maintain any conditions within the bond. Your Virginia criminal defense attorneys will explain that you will be responsible for paying the bond amount if you fail to do these things. Regardless of your bond, any failures to appear will remain on your record and could cause future issues for you, including additional charges or sentence enhancement.

Cash Bonds

Virginia criminal defense attorneysIf you are released on a cash bond, your Virginia criminal defense lawyers will explain that you are required to pay an amount in cash as collateral. You may be required to pay the full amount or a percentage, which will increase to the full amount if you fail to appear. Often, defendants have a third party pay the bond to the court on their behalf. If this is the case, the court may order you to repay that amount if you are convicted.

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