Troy Stephens Found Dead After Assisted Living Facility Again Neglects To Properly Monitor Him

    In March of 1997, the family of Troy Stephens admitted him to Meadows of Garner (a North Carolina assisted living facility run by Careamerica) due to the difficulties associated with caring for his schizophrenia. The family felt it was the right choice, as Troy was functional, but he just needed some additional supervision which his family could not provide. Knowing that this assisted living facility would provide that, they felt much more comfortable about Troy’s well-being.

    On April 19, 2004, 55 year-old Troy was discovered missing from the Meadows of Garner. This was of special concern to the family – not only due to Troy’s sensitive condition, but also because the staff had been repeatedly warned in the past that Troy was “a wanderer”. The family knew they had little time to find Troy before he could find himself in danger. What they did not know was that the staff had no idea when Troy actually disappeared – with his medication sessions being logged even after April 19th. Troy’s family immediately informed the local authorities, and a search ensued.

    A week later, Troy Stephens was found drowned in a lake nearly a mile away.

    The staff at Meadows of Garner knew of Troy’s propensity to wander, given both his family’s warnings and previous incidents. They neglected to properly monitor Troy previously, but this time it turned deadly. Troy most certainly became confused once outside the facility, and suffered a painful death. Thanks to the civil justice system, the negligent operator of the Meadows of Garner assisted living facility can be held accountable in our courts for the lackadaisical care of its patients.. more

    Published on 28/12/2007 16:50:41