Three Arrested and Charged with 121 Burglaries in Virginia Police from across the Commonwealth say they ended one of the largest crime sprees in Virginia history.

    CENTRAL VIRGINIA – Law enforcement officers from several Virginia departments say one of the largest crime sprees in the Commonwealth’s history was brought to a stop Wednesday.

    Police from 21 jurisdictions arrested three people believed to be responsible for a string of burglaries that occurred from the North Carolina border through Central Virginia to the Northern Neck.

    Investigators say the group committed at least 121 burglaries since May of this year.

    CBS 6 learned about the investigation early this week and was asked by law enforcement to wait on releasing any details until the arrests were made.

    The three were arrested in Richmond after police and sheriff’s deputies pulled together personnel from 21 different Virginia departments to conduct stake outs to try and end the crime spree.

    Police in North Carolina are also looking at whether the three suspects are responsible for burglaries in that state.

    Investigators say the stolen property taken by the group is estimated at $500,000 and the houses that were broken into, were apparently chosen at random.

    Published on 15/09/2010 18:44:56