State settles illegal alien case

    ELKHART, Ind. — The state and the American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana have settled a lawsuit over a scholarship program that denied eligibility to the native-born students of parents who were in the country illegally.

    Under a settlement filed recently in U.S. District Court in Indianapolis, the state no longer will require parents to be U.S. citizens or legal aliens for their children to receive aid under the 21st Century Scholars program, The Truth newspaper reported today.

    “There was a real problem. You can’t have someone who’s a U.S. resident be denied benefits because of the status of their parents,” said Ken Falk, legal director of the ACLU of Indiana. “The purpose of 21st Century scholarship program is to encourage bright and upwardly mobile students to go to school in Indiana and stay in Indiana. To deny them seems to be outrageous.”

    The scholarship state program helps students who are U.S. citizens and have graduated from an Indiana high school pay for four years of tuition in a public college or university. It’s intended to help low- to moderate-income families, reduce the number of high-school dropouts and increase the number of students going to college. The amount of the scholarship varies. more

    Published on 28/12/2007 16:37:35