Stafford County, Virginia Holds Immigration Hearings

    Stafford holds illegal immigration hearing

    by Jessica Sabbath

    Special Projects Editor

    Stafford County is joining the growing list of Virginia localities that are analyzing how illegal immigrants affect county services.

    Stafford held its first public hearing on illegal immigration on Thursday night, but The Free-Lance Star reported that only about a dozen people attended.

    Stafford created an Illegal Immigration Taskforce in October, which is charged with determining the social and financial effects of illegal immigrants on county services. After its initial study, the task force will speak with churches, the local immigrant community and nonprofit organizations to get their perspective.

    Finally, the task force will create recommendations on how the county should deal with the effects of illegal immigration for the Board of Supervisors by April 1.

    The county will hold another hearing on Jan. 30.

    Illegal immigration has become a hot-button issue for localities across Virginia. Many have created groups to study its impact on the localities. The state legislature will also consider a host of illegal immigration proposals.

    Published on 02/02/2008 16:59:16