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Your Alexandria Criminal Defense Lawyer?s Bail Hearing Presentation

Although a bail hearing typically does not involve the presentation of testimony from witnesses, your Alexandria criminal defense lawyer will provide information pertinent to your case to the court.

Providing the court with points favorable to you.


Your Alexandria criminal defense lawyer will present the court with appropriate facts and explanations pertaining to your employment, such as:

? Your job position.
? Your job responsibilities.
? How long you have been employed at your current job.
? The need your family has for both your income as well as health benefits.
? The probability that an imprisonment of any amount of time will result in your loss of employment.


Your Alexandria criminal defense lawyer will inform the court the extent of your family ties and show that the members of your family provide a support system that will responsibly ensure your return to court to face the charges against you. If you live near parents or siblings, the court should be informed that they see you on a regular basis. If they are willing and have the resources necessary to sign a bond or post bail, your defense attorney should draw attention to the fact of their willingness to put their finances at risk to secure your release.

Finding favorable points in difficult cases

If you are facing serious charges, even highly competent criminal attorneys may find it a challenge to secure bail. Your Alexandria criminal defense attorney may explain defenses or mitigating factors concerning the offense. Additionally, if the prosecution?s reports or charging documents support your release, your lawyer should draw attention to those favorable points.

Obtaining competent legal counsel

If you have been charged with a criminal offense and face an upcoming bail hearing, you may benefit from the legal expertise of an experienced and knowledgeable Alexandria criminal defense attorney. Please contact the Law Offices of Lewis & Associates to request a free consultation. Call 703-912-3100 today.