CRIM 11B Blog – Possible Conditions Imposed as Part of Pretrial Release

A Criminal Defense Lawyer in Virginia

A Criminal Defense Lawyer in Virginia Discusses Pretrial Release Conditions

Before a defendant is released prior to trial, the court may impose a number of sanctions. A criminal defense lawyer in Virginia can tell you as a condition of release, the court may require the defendant to agree to random searches of the person’s body and home. These searches can be performed without warrants. Criminal defense lawyers with experience know that drug testing poses fewer risks than random searches. A criminal defense attorney in Virginia can tell you drug testing only shows drug use, searches can result in the seizure of weapons, pornographic material or other evidence that may show criminal activity. Searches also interrupt your family’s and neighbor’s lives.

Required Mental Health Evaluations and Treatment
Some courts can require a defendant to undergo a mental health evaluation to determine whether the person poses a risk to the public. A criminal defense lawyer in Virginia can tell you that many times this is a condition for those charged with the most serious offenses such as murder, arson, sex crimes and crimes involving children. If your charged with one of those crimes, the court may not release you until the evaluation is performed. Your counsel can do little about this situation except inform you that your release may be delayed. In addition, other release conditions may include mental health and/or drug and alcohol treatment.

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Courts may require psychiatric evaluations and random searches as conditions of release. If you were arrested and charged with criminal offenses, call a criminal defense lawyer in Virginia at the Law Offices of Lewis & Associates, PC at 703-912-3100.