CRIM 09A Blog – How Your Attorney Preps for a Bail Hearing

A Virginia Criminal Defense Lawyer

A Virginia Criminal Defense Lawyer Discusses Bail Hearing Preparation

Bail hearings are important because it is a chance to provide the prosecution and the judge with information. A Virginia criminal defense lawyer can tell you since the bail hearing occurs so early in a case, prosecutors and judges have little information about a defendant’s work status, family ties and other personal information. Many times, decisions by the prosecution, judge and the bail agency hinge on the information collected at this hearing. A Virginia criminal defense attorney can tell you often their decisions are based on the seriousness of your alleged offenses, your criminal past, whether you ever failed to show up for court, whether any other charges are pending and if you are on parole or probation.

Bail Hearing Misunderstandings
Sometimes, prosecutors and judges get the wrong impressions or misinformation at bail hearings. A Virginia criminal defense lawyer can tell you this can be prevented if your counsel provides correct information to the court that also shows why you should be released before trial. Correct and supported facts win bail hearings. A top-notch attorney should go over your criminal history with a fine-tooth comb. If you were ever charged with rape, your counsel may ask what were the circumstances surrounding the charge. In addition, your representation may ask whether you ever missed a court date and whether it would be okay to contact the person who is supervising your probation or parole to see whether you would be considered reliable.

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