A Virginia Criminal Defense Attorney Explains Bail

Virginia criminal defense attorney

One of the first issues that will come up upon speaking with your Virginia criminal defense attorney is asking the court to free you on bail. The court will consider several aspects of both your crime and your life when determining whether bail is appropriate.

Your Crime

Your Virginia criminal defense lawyer will want to show the court that your crime is not so serious that you should be held without bail. The court will place much of its focus on this factor, as defendants arrested for more serious crimes are more likely to flee and may be more dangerous to society. It will be important to present to the court that the likelihood of conviction is minimal, as well.

Tell Your Virginia Criminal Defense Lawyer About Your Life

The court will want to see that you are a decent member of the community with strong local ties and a good employment background. If you have an extensive criminal background or have used false identities in the past, the court will find it hard to release you without bail.

How Your Virginia Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help

The role your attorney will play in seeking and minimizing bail is paramount. Your attorney will downplay the seriousness of the crime and detail the reasons a conviction is unlikely. The aforementioned aspects of your life will be presented in a positive light so you seem reliable and not dangerous. The court will want to be assured that you will return for future court dates and not engage in any illegal activity if you are released.

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