A Virginia Criminal Defense Attorney Discusses the Significance of Bail

Once you are arrested and in custody, it is of utmost importance for you to get out of jail. A Virginia criminal defense attorney can tell you that getting released early not only gives you some personal freedom but also helps your legal counsel prepare your case. It is important to keep in mind that you lose an advantage in terms of plea bargaining if you don’t get released on bail early in your case. This is especially true if the prosecution offers you a deal that includes a sentence that is close to the time you already spent in jail.

Incarceration Prior to Trial Hurts Your Case

Virginia criminal defense attorneyRemaining in custody before your trial can negatively impact your case because it hinders how and when you get to work with your attorney. A Virginia criminal defense attorney can explain that your representation will spend a significant amount of time traveling to and from where you are being held, and will wait a long time to see you.

There also isn’t much privacy in jail due to close quarters in conference rooms. It is often easy for other inmates and their counsel to hear what you are talking about. Jail is not the best place to evaluate evidence such as documents and audio and videotapes. However, if you remain in custody, your counsel will have no other option but to look at these items there.

In addition, you can’t reach your attorney whenever you want because you won’t always have access to a phone. Remaining behind bars also increases your chances of someone informing on you, since all the inmates would like a bargaining chip to get out of custody.

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