A Criminal Defense Lawyer in Virginia on the Investigation after an Arrest

Criminal Defense Lawyer in VirginiaAuthorities will want to learn every nugget of information about your case they can once you have been arrested and remain in custody. A criminal defense lawyer in Virginia can tell you police are permitted to use certain procedures to further their investigation while a person is detained.

Procedures Officers Can Use

You can be asked to stand in a line-up, provide voice and handwriting samples and have your fingerprints taken while you are in police custody. Officers can ask you as many questions as they want and ask to search your home, vehicle or other property. If police have secured a warrant or court order, you also can be subjected to DNA testing, such as having your blood tested or having your mouth swabbed to gather a saliva sample. Drivers stopped for DUI can be asked to perform a breath and blood tests.

Defendants Who Fail to Cooperate

A criminal defense lawyer in Virginia can explain that those arrested don’t have the right to turn down any of the procedures mentioned above except for the questioning and agreement to a property search. Despite this, police really can’t force someone into a line-up or make them take a DNA test.

In many areas of authority, police can’t force a person to have a blood test. However, refusing the procedures may look suspicious to jurors if your case ends up in court. Defendants who fail to comply once a court orders it will be subject to contempt proceedings and jail. Those accused of DUI can lose their licenses and may face harsher penalties once convicted if they fail to submit to blood alcohol tests.

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Authorized procedures are permitted once a person is arrested and still in custody. If you face criminal charges and need assistance, call a criminal defense attorney in Virginia at the Law Offices of Lewis & Associates, PC at 703-912-3100.